Press Release: EBA Launch

Press Release – Los Angeles, July 31st 2018

EBA Open for Public Applications

The Esports Bar Association (EBA), the world’s first legal professional organization in the esports industry, is now accepting applications for membership through its website, In early June, the EBA invited dozens of speakers and moderators to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing esports at its first conference, which was attended by attorneys, industry insiders, players, and law students from around the country. The success of this initial event proves the need for an ongoing framework for discussion, expertise, and professional development in esports. Under the guidance of its leadership and the assistance of its members, the EBA has created just such a forum.

The EBA is a non-profit international organization created and led by the most knowledgeable and experienced esports attorneys in the world. In addition to providing discussion, education, and guidance for its members, the EBA seeks to positively direct esports and the industry growing up around it by fostering public engagement, promoting business and professional standards, increasing access for underrepresented groups, encouraging legal and academic work, and advocating for sensible public policy.

EBA Members will enjoy benefits and opportunities including continuing legal education, building relationships with esports professionals, and engaging the industry at its root by joining one of the EBA’s member committees. The Publications Committee, which looks to support authors and academic work in esports, and the Public Policy Committee, which will advocate for reasonable legislation, regulation, and enforcement in esports, are both currently looking for members. Other committees will include the Standards Committee, which will promulgate minimum standards for contracts and rules in esports; the Diversity Committee, which is dedicated to greater inclusivity in the esports community and industry; the Conference Committee, which is tasked with planning the EBA’s annual conference and developing relations with other organizations; and the Membership Committee, which will help find and select members for the EBA. Members are encouraged to apply for committee positions with the EBA.

In pursuit of these objectives, membership in the EBA is open to a broad range of both established practitioners and engaged newcomers. Licensed attorneys in good standing are eligible for Attorney Membership. Current law students and recent law school graduates interested in working in esports are eligible for Student Membership, available at a reduced rate. Other professionals who are affiliated with or who can demonstrate substantial interest in esports and esports law can join under the Associate Membership. In addition, larger firms, groups, companies, and other institutions seeking to further their involvement in esports are eligible for Institutional Membership.

Applications for membership are available today at

The EBA is led by President, Co-Founder, and Board Member Bryce Blum, Vice President, Co-Founder, and Board Member Ryan Morrison, Board Member Jas Purewal, Board Member Yan Perng, Executive Directors David Graham and Harris Peskin, Secretary Krista Hiner, and Treasurer Michael Lee.