Esports Bar Association



What is the Esports Bar Association? 

The Esports Bar Association (EBA) was created for esports attorneys and legal minds to dive deep into the issues facing the esports industry. From player contracts to media rights to sponsorship agreements, the esports industry presents a unique and complex set of legal issues unlike any other industry. EBA members are a step above the rest of the legal field when advocating for their clients in this rapidly evolving space. Each year, the EBA produces a conference focused on current esports legal issues with elite speakers from the esports space.

The Esports Bar Association is also pleased to announce its inaugural board and officers.



The Esports Bar Association is proud to open up membership to individuals interested in the growth and development of esports. Please visit the membership page for more information or contact the Esports Bar Association using the link below if there are any additional questions.


Esports attorneys will find a community of like-minded individuals, sharing the common goal of making the legal landscape of esports as professional and intelligent as possible.  


It is important to the EBA that students find a pathway to learning about and eventually entering the field of esports. There will be mentors and opportunities for law students of all experience levels.

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EBA launches its inaugural journal

The EBA has released a compilation of academic legal articles discussing everything from anti-trust to intellectual property law in esports. Check it out here!

EBA launches its inaugural committees

The newly formed Esports Bar Association (EBA) has set up internal committees to allow its members to more personally engage with the issues they find most compelling  - read the press release here.


EBA Open for Public Applications

The Esports Bar Association (EBA), the world’s first legal professional organization in the esports industry, is now accepting applications for membership through its website - read the press release here.