The Conference Committee is responsible for planning the annual EBA conference. It decides which topics to discuss and which experts to invite. It also secures authority for continuing legal education and makes plans regarding location, social events, travel, and more.


The Diversity Committee leads the charge toward greater inclusivity in the EBA, esports law, and the larger esports community and industry by creating awareness of the issue, making recommendations for ways to address it, and engaging with the community and industry to help pursue it.


The Membership Committee seeks ways to grow the membership of the EBA in both numbers and professional development. It also conducts outreach for new members, reviews membership applications, addresses member issues, and helps members develop their esports careers.

Public Policy

The Public Policy Committee is the lobbying arm of the EBA, ensuring that public, private, and government actors are properly informed about esports and esports law. The Public Policy committee advocates for helpful legislation, regulation, and enforcement in esports.


The Publications Committee supports authors and legal academic work in esports, whether by developing an EBA publication or aiding would-be authors in their efforts to publish elsewhere. In addition, over time it will be responsible for writing, editing, and publishing a regular EBA newsletter.

Committee membership will be available to EBA Members. Instructions and additional information on how to apply to a committee will be provided once membership is approved.