Press Release - Los Angeles, September 5th 2018

EBA launches its inaugural committees

The newly formed Esports Bar Association (EBA), the first professional organization for attorneys, law students, and associated professionals engaged in esports, has set up internal committees to allow its members to more personally engage with the issues they find most compelling. Following its successful opening conference and strong initial enrollment drive this summer, the EBA and its members are ready to create positive change in esports by developing public awareness campaigns, encouraging legal and academic work, improving standards for players and industry actors, and more. 

To that end, the EBA has created the Public Policy Committee, the Publications Committee, the Diversity Committee, and the Conference Committee.

The Public Policy Committee’s mission is to educate and inform policy makers on realities associated with esports and gaming generally. Members engaged in this committee will interface with public, private, and government actors to ensure that they are properly informed about esports and the ways in which laws, regulations, and law enforcement impact the industry. This committee will also opine and make recommendations as to practices affecting the industry at large.

The Publications Committee supports authors and academic work in esports. Members in this committee support authors writing about esports law or other related issues by sharpening ideas, authoring or editing works in progress, and helping to secure publication either in the EBA’s own journal or elsewhere.  The Publications Committee will advocate and arrange for the promotion, authorship, and distribution of esports-related academic literature to the Association’s members, relevant media outlets, and law schools.

The Diversity Committee leads the charge toward greater inclusivity in the esports community at large, the esports industry, esports law, and the EBA itself. Committee members help raise awareness of this issue, make recommendations for ways to address it, and engage with the community and industry in pursuit of solutions to it.

The Conference Committee is charged with organizing EBA gatherings. Members in this committee are responsible for the annual EBA conference, including topics and experts, location, continuing legal education, and logistics. Members are also tasked with planning other professional or social events for the EBA, such as game nights, mixers, and more.

Members interested in applying to any committee should email and attach (i) a short cover letter on their vision for that committee and (ii) a copy of their resume. Members are eligible to join multiple committees.

EBA members include dedicated esports attorneys, law students interested in esports, other professionals engaged in esports, and larger organizations committed to improving the esports community and industry. Applications for membership in the EBA are available at

- Harris Peskin, Esq. and David Philip Graham, Esq., Co-Executive Directors